Dichroic Facades

What is Chameleon™ ?

Chameleon is the brandname of a multilayered polymeric film with a polyester surface.The film is metal free so non corroding and conductive, thermally stable and low shrinkage. As an OEM manufacturer ChameleonLAB is using a very thin film, less than 50 micron, responsible for the dichroic effect, and adds all durable features on the basic film by cleanroom lamination.The endproduct has a thickness between 160-200 micron and meets the technical durability demand for a 10 years warranty. So the appliance on outdoor glass facades is ensured.

Colors shift and shimmer with changes in viewing angle, light source and environment. Chameleon film can be used for a multitude of decorative and technical applications by designers architectural display and product engineers. It is engineered to obtain unprecedented levels of reflective vibrancy. Chameleon can be combined with suitable color substrates to produce various vibrant colors in both reflection and transmission.

Using Chameleon™

Chameleon reveals the magic of the natural world. It creates marvelous light effects not through heavy metals, but by mixing up the placement of many ultra – thin layers of polyester. The concept is similar to how a rainbow works.

The color shifts and intensity of Chameleon can also be manipulated in a number of ways, creating a wide range of options for its use. A variety of color refractions can be achieved by changing the glass used, the laminates and the type of glue. There’s a customized solution for every design. The two sides of the film can be processed so that the magic of Chameleon is visible from the outside,while allowing natural daylight to penetrate on the inside.
Of course, Chameleon can be used in offices too, again with a different kind of refraction.

Chameleon can be used as an insert between safety laminated glass. (See our European Granted patent.) The use of Chameleon in composites is a whole other market sector. The first use of this kind was for a new façade coping on the oldest concrete building in the Netherlands. (see projects).

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