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Dichroic Films: Group 1.

Oure three basic films, with the names Magma, Sunset and newcomer Nightsky, are capable to separate the visible light into prismatic colors. The innovation to create this effect is called nano- or micro layer technology and the method is as unique as simple. The film exists out of 250 nano layers of clear polyester. Separation of all prismatic colors happens by reflection of the visible light and movement of the sun or people passing. At the same time the part of the visible light which is transported through the windows creates a specific prismatic color on a certain time each day inside a building.
The intensity of the reflected colors depends on the amount of light. The three basic films Magma, Sunet and Nightsky show their colors without any compromise. That means a bright shining pallet of these films are interesting for architects who want to design unique object . 

ChameleonLAB™ uses above mentioned basic products in combination with durable & protective laminates of film. Only after that process the product is durable and qualified for the use on facades. The product transforms after this process from a 36 micron film into a 160/200 micron product.

The Chameleon™ films mentioned in this publication by their product name are durable and warranted for 10 years and qualified to be installed on facades.

Satin dichroic films: Group 2 .

The difference between these films and the first group is the intensity of the reflected colors. We can understand that looking to the nature of a Building design an architect likes a more softer , moderate color image. We designed for that reason a dichroic film with a satin film which enables the architect to show the same product in “disguise”. In this case there is no need for special etched- or blasted glass. Even by using clear glass the satin look is created by the film.

Black Dichroic Films: Group 3 .

These dichroic designs are made to be sure there is no transport of visible light through the film. Besides by blocking the light-transmission we can manipulate the reflection of colors. The films are mainly used for facades. The advantage is that all kind of construction work behind the film and the Building envelope is not visible.

Perforated Dichroic Films: 4 .

The difference between the films in group 3 and 4 is the perforation. The possibilities to perforate are endless. Main reason to perforate dichroic films, (re group 3) is to maintain the dichroic effect on the outside but allows only the transport of the visible light coming into a building. This product is important for architects who designs one way light direction. Since only filtered visible- or artificial light is permitted inside the building. All published films are available in the roll-sizes mentioned before. Be aware that all films are designed for façade application and mainly the execution of “Landmarks”. So most designs are unique. To protect the rights of all architects and customers, all our films are subject for “on demand“ production.

The brandname Chameleon™, the range of Chameleon-productcodes™ and digital photos mentioned in this publication are under IP- and Patent-right protection

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