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Chameleon is a product made by the Dutch company ChameleonLAB, which has specialised in the development, production and sale of dichroic film since 2003. The company has years of expertise in both research & development and in advising on high-quality façades and film materials, through strategic alliances with – often highly specialised- experts and companies. ChameleonLAB has managed to develop the product to where it is today: a reliable and highly differentiated design solution for architects and designers.

Founders Jan van Rongen who sadly passed away April 12 2018 and Ruud Nieuwenhuis were both convinced of the potential of Chameleon long before they were able to actually deliver on its many architectonic and construction applications. It was a conviction shared by renowned architect Ben van Berkel/ UN studio. The three of them mutually reinforced each other’s expertise to steer Chameleon as façade solutions. Both Jan and Ruud joined forces to share what they had seen from the very start: the unique beauty and strength of Chameleon Façade Systems.

Pushing boundaries with R&D on demand
Today, ChameleonLAB continues to surprise even itself new possibilities for Chameleon films. New applications often emerge on the request of clients, particular requests often call for new experiments in the chameleonLAB , and this regularly results in product innovations. Chameleon can now be applied into layered glass, fire resistant glass and even composites, for instance. In this way, its often our clients who inspire Chameleon’s ongoing search for new avenues, pushing boundaries is second nature to ChameleonLAB. The raw material used by Chameleon is a dichroic film used for various purposes, what makes it unique is the developing process used to make the tried and tested façade system. Added advantage to this process is that Chameleon can offer independent bespoke solutions. Because of this, we’re in no way dependent on third parties. We offer customers the exact product that we feel meets their needs and we’re also selective in the projects we use Chameleon for.

Vision: We make your dichroic designs reality.

Mission statement: Creating global landmarks in every big city

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